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Excellence through Synergy



Excellence through Synergy

Synex is a consultancy specializing in the people aspect of an organization’s growth strategy. We design powerful experiences and learning journeys to help leaders and teams achieve excellence through greater synergy.

Think of us as your Chief People Officer. We unlock the potential of your teams. We equip leaders with critical skills to build a high-performance culture. We facilitate growth through new perspectives of how people think, feel and act.

How We Are Different

Walk The Talk

We are founders ourselves with more than 15 years of team building experience. We combine our real-life lessons with time-tested models that we have refined over the years to help companies succeed.

Understand your pains

We understand the pains of leaders especially in fast-growing sectors and in the current market climate where resources are scarce and competition for talent is high. We help you get the most out of your people and build a culture that attracts.

Get our hands dirty

We are not afraid to get in the trenches with leaders to help them solve real-life problems with their people. It’s in our blood because we have been through it and that’s where we can deliver the greatest impact.

Create sustainable impact

We aim to break down the filters and biases within your organization in order to bring about a change in mindset will result in sustainable impact.


Trust and Psychological Safety serves as key foundation towards building a High-Performance Team. These can be achieved through a common language which allows individuals to have greater appreciation and understanding of each other. Once that is established, that is where leaders can get the commitment from everyone to work towards the common goal.... Learn More

The role of the leader is multi-faceted and they need to be equipped with the capability to perform accordingly to the different hats they are wearing at different times. We are here to support their growth journey to communicate, inspire and lead more effectively...

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It is human nature to resist change and very often, the people side of change management strategy is the biggest obstacle hindering the execution. Only by recognizing that organization change requires individual change that leaders can effectively align the people and steer the organization in the right direction.

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